Portuguese Association of Historical Gardens

Historical gardens scattered throughout the Portuguese territory are difficult to preserve and value, mostly because this kind of patrimony requires a great deal of financial resources and specialized training. To group all owners around a common interest, to gather expert professionals and seek solutions to add value to historical gardens in Portugal were the reasons that led to the creation, in January 2003, of the Portuguese Association of Gardens and Historical Sites.

This initiative came from a group of garden professionals that, after the research of Portuguese gardens, carried out in 1998, commissioned by the Tourism Fund, became aware of the degraded state they were in and, with the conviction that its patrimonial, economical and recreational value was not legally defended - although they may be considered true repositories of Portuguese culture - , took the responsibility to create the association.

The governing bodies of the Association of Historical Gardens consist, since its foundation, of owners or institutional managers of historical gardens and professionals of complementary areas in this matter, such as landscape architects, architects, art historians, agronomists, foresters, lawyers and economists.

After fifteen years of existence, one of the most relevant contributions of AJH has been the participation in the project to safeguard twelve private gardens oriented towards the preservation and restoration of hydraulic systems and other built structures (EEAGrants). This set of gardens is distributed all over the country and the investment was of particular interest for its opening to the public and for the owner's profit. Other activities of the association are conferences to promote garden art and the Portuguese gardens, in particular, as well as the offer of training courses aimed at members and others interested in conservation. Cultural trips to historic gardens at home and abroad are another activity that much pleases our members



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